Too Smart for Their Own Good Dept.

Welcome to Phundria's Browser Detection Page.

We have created this page to find out whether you are using the infamous Mega$loth® Internet ExploderTM, Version 6, with its highly dubious 'Smart Tags'.

As always you can bet that, when Mega$loth® comes out with something it considers to be 'Smart', you can bet on its being extremely stupid.

Version 6 of Mega$loth® Internet ExploderTM is sneaky - 'Smart Tags' add extra Mega$loth®-approved links to our pages, over which we have no control.

You can recognise these 'Smart Tags' by the squiggly lines underneath them - the same as appear in Mega$loth® WeirdTM if it thinks your spelling is wrong.

This means users of Mega$loth® Internet ExploderTM Version 6 can be led astray to all sorts of places. Up till now, we could offer them links which we felt were appropriate to our site. They were free to follow them, or leave the site as they saw fit, as those who don't use it still are. Now they can be 'misled' anywhere Mega$loth® wants to divert them. Innocent new users will be particularly vulnerable!

Just think how democratically unaccountable these multi-national companies are. Also think about the civil liberties implications. Do you not find them frightening?

Because of this unwarranted interference with the content of our pages, we have seriously considered banning this browser from our site.

However, we have decided merely to place a suitable warning message on each new page from now on. It will only be seen by users of all 'Javascript'-enabled versions of Mega$loth® Internet ExploderTM. If you see this message and find it annoying, either complain to Mega$loth® or turn 'Javascript' off. If you can't find out how to do that, just wonder what else is being hidden from you.

Below you will see the results of our detector:

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