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National Missile Defense (NMD®) - Introduction


For the benefit of those who are unable to view the animation, a synopsis follows.


First it was "Star Wars" - Now it's NMD ... presents (with apologies to Bill Elder) ... Howdy Dubya

Starring: George W. Bush as "Dubya" and Richard Cheney as "Uncle Dick" with Tony Blair as "Li'l Cuzzin."

Featuring: Crashes staged by "Mega$loth NMD 2002". Effects by "InterGIF". Produced by "Phundria" in "Bloat-o-Scope".

Pro-US sycophancy by New Labour. Grovelling by UK Civil Service. Originally devised by the Conservatory Party. Opposed by most UK citizens.

Footnote: In 1961 retiring President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people of the danger posed to their democracy by the US Military-Industrial powerbase. It seems that he was ignored.

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