Browser Wars


Bullies Bubble When Bashed Dept.

Browser Wars

OK! - so what's all this about then?

You're probably already aware that there's a big war on between Mega$loth® and NetsCrape®.

Mega$loth® 'gives away' copies of 'Internet Exploder' to destroy NetsCrape®'s revenue stream; NetsCrape® retaliates by introducing new features to its browsers; Mega$loth® adds features of its own, and so it goes on!

Mega$loth®, the Titanic of the 1990s, has one item firmly at the top of its agenda - take over the Web for itself and shut everyone not on Windoze® out. Bloat shall reign supreme. Biggest is beautifullest (sic). Back to 1980!

NetsCrape® is only slightly less bad. Its agenda - take over the Web for its own Browser and shut everyone else out.

Phundria's not playing this game.

As with any war, it's the innocent ones on the sidelines who suffer. You know - like being forced to do a 4 megabyte download on your 14.4 modem, or having to get a bigger hard disk, more memory, new computer ...

What a farce this is. Phundria reckons it's now time to say "CUT IT OUT!"

However, as often happens with overconfident bullies, mistakes are made in the rush for supremacy. The latest vendor-specified so-called HTML extensions have gaping holes in them - because they've not been properly thought out!

In this lampoon, Phundria exploits these loopholes, to produce entirely unmanageable pages which cause strange results on the browser products of these two Behemoths.

Warning to users of PC Windoze® 3.x and 95:
Do not under any circumstances select any link on the following pages where it says 'CLICK'. This exploits a serious loophole in Windoze® which could damage your computer !

View this extremely rude page in NetsCrape® to see what happens when we deliberately set out to foul up NetsCrape®.

View this excruciatingly annoying page in Mega$loth® Internet Exploder to see what happens when we deliberately set out to foul up Mega$loth® Internet Exploder.

This horrendously impolite page is intended to foul up both NetsCrape® and Mega$loth® Internet Exploder completely, but in different ways, according to their individual quirks.

[The word 'view' is used intentionally above - you will experience benign, blissful peace if you listen to, feel, or even read these pages in sensible browsers, unless YOU choose not to]

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