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Phundria's Farting Licence Free-for-all

The Institute of Meetings Engineers

The World Wide Wait -
brought to you by Mega$loth

The Plod -
The Lighter Side of Police Work

Politically Correct Buzzword Generator

The Moon - Viagra Competition Result The Moon - Viagra Competition
The Moon - A Downmarket Tabloid - Friday 13th November

Mark Twain on Land Monopoly

Maggie Thatcher is now a Train Announcer!

Mega$loth's new Software Upgrade Scheme

Ha Ha ...
Phundria's Car Bumper Stickers

Grey Eminences, or ...
'The Inner Cadre: A Cautionary Tale'

Small Ads

Open this door to
Visit the Weird and Wacky Website Number Ten

British Management Theory

The Man from BUNCO

Gobble, gobble, gobble!
Go away and shut up! The Mega$loth® Offarce Insistents

'Custard Pies'
Scrumptious, aren't they!

Mega$loth Offarce 97
MacDoodle's multipurpose madcap monstrosity

Labour - New Computing
A new approach for the Millennium!

Weird Box

A leaked set of Minutes of the Mega$loth® Weird® Business Intelligence Sub-Committee has fallen into Phundria's hands.
Phundria presents the Mega$loth® Weird® Frequently Asked Questions list.
Check out the first release of the Mega$loth® Millennium Clock.

Computers expand exponentially - Phundria examines Computer Bloat!

Browser Wars!
Slightly more serious - Phundria rakes thorough the debris of the Browser Wars!

incredible site!
Have a laugh at Phundria's Online Awards

Tory Torch (with
digestive problems)
Phundria's 'Conservatory Party' - John Major's nemesis

'Mega$loth' - What did you manage to do
'The Mega$loth Corporation' - The Titanic of the 'nineties perhaps?

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