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Cabinet Minister Wrongfooted by Mega$loth® WeirdTM (In)security Feature

Mega$loth® WeirdTM strikes again. We knew it would happen and it just did!

According to a report in 'The Guardian' today (12/07/01), Cabinet Minister Stephen Byers was badly let down by his technologically ignorant/Mega$loth®-centric* Civil Servants, who emailed a Mega$loth® WeirdTM document, containing the text of a speech he gave to a conference of Even Newer Labour Councillors in Harrogate, to interested parties.

Apparently one of these, a clued-in 'person unknown', hacked the document and had a wee look at the document's 'undo buffer' (explanation here) where he discovered that a lot of good things had been taken out and a pile of bland 'poo' substituted - presumably by the bright young things at Even Newer Labour's 'Spin Central'.

Now we know that a lot of Even Newer Labour people have visited and even - dare we say it - enjoyed their visits here. But many of them seem to have lost sight of the fact that the arrogance that goes with power is not just confined to the Tories!

Update: 9th July 2003

Mega$loth® WeirdTM Bytes Tony Blair in the Butt

And it's happened yet again! According to a report in The Risks Digest, Richard M. Smith revealed data he had gleaned from the revision log contained within the controversial plagiarised dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (a WeirdTM document), which identified the civil servants who worked on it. There's more information at Richard M. Smith's site.

We warned you about Mega$loth® WeirdTM as far back as December 1997. It is not secure, and unless you know how to bypass the feature¶, it will save all your alterations, additions and deletions. It's even worse if you're in the habit of making one document out of another. A hacker can read both, or even more if you're in the habit of doing this!

Technical Note: This is a slight simplification of what happens - more details below

How to hack a Mega$loth® WeirdTM document (.doc) file

Happy Hacking!
If you're unsure about trying this, please visit this page.

What we're seeing here is how the dominance of one company (Mega$loth®) can seduce even the so-called experts in the Civil Service into believing that their products are perfect. Some serious questions need to be answered:

If anyone can throw some more light on these questions, please write to us at editor@phundria.org.

There's more truth in our little spoof slogan than you thought, isn't there!

MegaSloth - We have Windows on your World

* delete as applicable
We're not going to tell you how to bypass this feature because that would stop all the fun, wouldn't it?

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