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Phundria is dedicated to the premise that humour is the best weapon to use against the tyrant, be it a large corporation or a political party.

This online magazine was originally conceived in February 1997 as a means of poking fun at the UK Conservative Party, and retains that material as a reminder of the depths to which the Conservative Party had descended by the end of their term of office.

We arrived back in early December 1997 after a six month absence, and we hope to bring you something new every month. We'd like to thank all of you who visited us during the 1997 General Election for doing so, and we hope you enjoyed your stay.

We make no apology for being heavily influenced by MAD magazine in our youth, and by Steve Bell's magnificent cartoons in The Guardian. We'd also like to record our thanks to EMAGS for their courtesy in hosting us during the run-up to the 1997 General Election and for a short period afterwards. We are also indebted to 'Scallywag' for making this possible.

We've been hosted at David Paxton's website for nearly a year, and have now moved to what we hope will be a permanent site at Freeserve. We are indebted to Dave for his help with this. Whilst Dave will continue to help with the production of Phundria we would like to make it clear that David is not responsible for the contents of these pages - that responsibility remains with the original Editorial Team.

Phundria always welcomes genuine comments or criticisms. We are also happy to accept articles and suggestions (in plain text files please) for publication. With one or two necessary exceptions, Phundria is composed and validated to the HTML 3.2 or 4.0 transitional specifications, to ensure the widest accessibility.

If you are considering a submission, please note that Phundria operates under the following self-imposed guidelines:

The Editor

Phundria is produced in Scotland on an entirely voluntary basis and is distributed free of charge on the World Wide Web. The political material in this site was donated by Labour, Liberal Democrat and Scottish National Party supporters from all parts of the UK.

Phundria has no connections to MAD magazine, The Guardian or any commercial organisation or political party.
Phundria is produced in Scotland on British computers running British software.

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We wish to thank BASK (The Blackadder Supporters Klub) for some of the material contained within.

Technical Note

As was the case with the real site, the The Conservatory Party - Main Page contains a 'client side image map'. If your browser does not support this feature, you can nevertheless see all the material in Inside The Conservatory Party and The Conservatory Party - Humour Page.

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