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Phundria  - Lampoons gone MAD

Political and Commercial Lampoonery

Please note that this was the last index page published before Phundria closed down at Freeserve.

All 'Phundria Main Index' links in the 'Old' Section of Phundria will take you here. Nothing else has been changed other than the site URL and the email address - it's the old site, exactly as it was, perfectly preserved.
We hereby claim this to be the World's First Preserved Website! (28 June 2001)

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Welcome to this Spring 2000 edition of Phundria, Scotland's first online lampoon magazine.

New in this issue

Cause panic in pubs, chaos in the cinema, uproar in the Underground, or just be disgusting at the dinner table! Phundria plumbs the depths of bad taste with our new Farting Licence.

We're sorry that we can't publish more frequently, but other commitments continue to take precedence. Please accept our apologies. We'll be back again as soon as we can.

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Earlier Features

Check the Contents Page for lots of earlier articles.

Our attention was recently drawn to The MS Hall of Shame. Have a read - what it reveals is appalling!

In January, the Consumer Federation of America, their equivalent of our Consumer's Association, published a damning report on Microsoft, which is well worth reading. Also, a reminder, if you have not already read it, to have a peek at this very interesting essay we found on the web. If you ever wonder why we persist with our Mega$loth lampoon, this article will reveal all!

Our main targets are major corporations who wish to take over open, publicly-beneficial systems for their own commercial ends, and risk destroying them for millions of people. We're also taking a pop at our New Labour® Government now that some of the seams are creaking.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoy your stay.

The Editor

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