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Bloated Computing

An Inside Look

Lovable Characters for Windoze®

With the continuing drive to add more and more features into their programs, necessitating more powerful processors, more memory and even more mass storage, Mega$loth® and Inept® have introduced a number of 'friendly' characters to distract attention away from their depredations, and promote the illusion of user-friendliness in their systems, while continuing to extract ever larger sums of money for upgrades (Most IT departments like this too - it keeps them busy and assures them a long term future in lucrative employment). Here, Phundria gives away some inside information on these odd beings ...

Mega$loth® Blob Mega$loth® BlobTM - An expert psychological interpretation of Mega$loth®'s answer to 'Silly Putty'.

Propellerhead Pete Pentiuum®'s "Propellerhead" Pete Read about the Inept® Corporation's "lovable" new character. He's a fan!

Mega$loth® Waffle Mega$loth® WaffleTM - Mega$loth®'s speech synthesiser. You can now hear bloat as well as see it!

Paper Bloat

Bloat isn't just confined to Computers. Computer Magazines are bloated with adverts, and the national press is full of bloated computer ads as well. We thought Phundria shouldn't be left out, so we're doing our bit too - and we've also put in some editorial material.


Crime ComputingRead our ads for the Wonder PCs!

Readers will be interested to know that since these computers were first described in October 1997, they have now become utterly obsolete. (June 1999)


PC Prat MagazineHere's a new computer magazine for all PC enthusiasts!

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Read how Mega$loth® products bloat the Internet!

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