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The Conservatory Party
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Welcome to Phundria's Lampoon of the Conservative Party Pages. Please bear in mind that, despite the levity in the material, there is a serious side to the contents, which is designed to expose the real nature of the Conservative Party as it is today.

We do not claim that the contents are true, but we do wish to provoke serious thought and debate about their real intentions and the hidden agenda lurking behind their propaganda.

Phundria neither supports, nor is funded, by any specific political organisation. Our contributors come from three of the opposition parties, and, if we have a position, it is that of the enlightened centre-left working in harmony together.

This section lampoons the Tory party as it was in March 1997 and as such is a snapshot of the way we perceived it at the time. Now (December 1997) we see the party as a shadow of its former self, having moved to the right, and alienated those 'one nation' conservatives still remaining in its ranks. As our 'Eyes' lampoon has it, it 'Serves them right'.

Technical Note: These pages are designed to closely approximate to the look and feel of the real pages. However, the originals were full of errors and would not validate, thus denying access to many users. Our versions use valid HTML which makes them accessible to all. This means that Phundria can have a bigger potential audience than the real Tory party!

Conservatory Table of Contents

What the Conservatory front page looked like in March 1997

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