Risible Policies Dept.

Haaa ... haaa ... haaa! (We can't take them seriously)

Visual Raspberries are bad for Tory health.

Leadership Election 2001


General Election 2001

Here's what we had up in May.

Our General Election 2001 features:

Together with ...

Common Sense Rubbish

Well, here we go again. More impractical rubbish from the Tories! And all under the banner of 'Common Sense'. The mind boggles!

Here's a rhyme for our times, except it doesnt rhyme. It's a sort of call and response chant for two people, and it doesn't need to rhyme! (the chorus can be read by one or both persons)

The 'Common Sense Party'

What to do in Scotland:

Keep them out

'The Conservatory Pary' - 1997 General Election

More bright ideas from the party that brought you railway privatisation! Haaa ... haaa ... haaa!

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